Places to Visit in Arnavutkoy

Places to Visit in Arnavutkoy

  • Arnavutkoy


History of Arnavutköy

Arnavutköy is   one of the historical districts of Istanbul, which includes IGA New Istanbul Airport, and has a very rich history.

More information about the history of Arnavutköy:

An Old Settlement: According to historical sources, Arnavutköy has been used as a settlement since ancient times.

The area called Filiboz Viranliği (Filiboz Farm) bears the traces of this old settlement.

This settlement, known as the city of Filiboz within the borders of Arnavutköy, is the oldest settlement in the region.

Water Supply: Arnavutköy is a region where one of the main water lines supplying water to Istanbul passes during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine.

This supply line refers to a water supply system of approximately 242 kilometers in length, where the water starts from the Vize district of Kırklareli and reaches Istanbul.

Trikos Castle: The history of Arnavutköy is also associated with Trikos Castle.

Trikos Castle was built on the edge of Terkos Lake.

The castle was one of the defensive lines of Istanbul and was conquered by Mehmet II (Fatih) in 1452 after it fell into the hands of the Genoese.

Pumping Center and Pumping Station: In 1855-1857, a pumping center and pumping station were established on the shore of Terkos Lake, and the supplied water was purified and given to Istanbul.

These facilities were later used as a "Water Museum" by the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ).


Places to Visit in Arnavutkoy


  • Şamlar Nature Park Recreation Area

Şamlar Nature Park, located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, was established on an area of 50 thousand acres. 

Stone pines, coniferous trees and 95 different plant species were found in Şamlar Nature Park.

The animal species observed in the park are marten, mole, hedgehog, red squirrel, wild boar, jackal, rabbit and fox, which is an ideal Nature Park and recreation area with its wild animal family.

Şamlar Nature Park and Recreation Area, which is located in rich vegetation and living diversity, embraces visitors with nature with its sitting areas, jogging areas, bicycle paths, resting and activity opportunities, as well as ease of transportation.


  • Arnavutkoy City Park

Arnavutköy City Park, located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, is located on a total area of 84,000 m².

The park contains a number of rich functions.

These functions include activity areas, viewing terraces, recreation areas, grass ski track, ornamental pools, children's playground areas, bicycle track, sports fields, cafeteria, restaurant, cultural center building and masjid There are various facilities such as.

It offers visitors the opportunity to spend a nice day.


  • Arnavutkoy Vadi Park

Arnavutköy Vadi Park is located on a large area of 55,724 square meters.

The park includes 25,711 square meters of green space, an amusement park, children's playgrounds, a fitness area, a football field, basketball and volleyball courts, a tennis court, and recreation and picnic areas for families and groups of friends.   

It offers a place where you can spend pleasant and peaceful moments in the park, sipping your tea and having a pleasant conversation.

It is specially arranged for children inside the park and has all kinds of thoughts for visitors to have a pleasant time with the most popular children's playgrounds.

If you are thinking about what to do on weekends or in your free time, you should definitely visit Arnavutkoy Vadi Park.


  • Istanbul Airport Observation Terrace

İGA Spotter

İGA, the Istanbul Airport Operator, offers aviation enthusiasts a special opportunity to see the landing and take-off of planes up close.

Istanbul Airport Observation Terrace 'Spotter Area' has been put into service at Istanbul Airport for those who are interested in aviation photography and aviation.

Istanbul Airport Observation Terrace is located in a prime location where you can observe runway 1 and the Air Traffic Control Tower.

İGA Spotter Area allows aviation enthusiasts to meet in order to capture the right moments and shots.

Applications to the Istanbul Airport Observation Terrace "IGA Spotter Area" are completely free of charge.

For the visit, you need to make an appointment from the official websites of the relevant institutions.


  • Durusu Lake (Terkos Lake)

Durusu Lake, located in Arnavutköy, is a favorite place for nature lovers, travel enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts with its clean air and rich nature.

The area around the lake is home to a variety of animal species, providing a unique experience that nature has to offer.

Rare animal species, especially the endangered Great Forest Eagle and Siberian Goose, live in and around Lake Durusu.

Durusu Lake is like an oasis where green and blue meet.

This is an ideal getaway for visitors who want to get away from the noise and sweltering air of the city and relieve stress.

If you are wondering what you can do in Durusu Lake, you can swim in the summer, you can dive, explore the beauties of the lake with boat tours, camp with tents or caravans, organize nature walks and bicycle tours, you can fish angling, and enjoy the beauties of natureyou can take photos or relax in the hammock.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax or have an unforgettable experience with your family and friends, Durusu Lake (Terkos Lake) is a place you should definitely visit.


  • Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is one of the largest and most modern Airports in Turkey, officially opened on October 29, 2018.

History and details of Istanbul Airport

The Istanbul Airport project was launched in response to Turkey's increasing air traffic and Istanbul's growing aviation sector.

It was planned to be built as the third largest Airport in Istanbul.

In 2013, the foundation of the IGA Istanbul New Airport project was laid.

A large plot of land was allocated for the construction of the project, and this land was located in the northeast of the Black Sea coast, in the district of Arnavutköy.

In the first phase, 3 runways and 1 terminal building were built, but expansion projects were planned to add more terminal buildings and runways in the future.

Official Opening: On October 29, 2018, IGA New Istanbul Airport was officially opened.

The opening ceremony was held with great event and was led by the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Capacity and Services, Istanbul Airport is designed to have an annual capacity of 200 million passengers when it is put into service at full capacity.

It aims to increase the importance of Turkey in international air transportation and to make the Airport one of the busiest Airports in the world.

Terminal and Runways, The Airport has a total of four terminal buildings.

Terminal 1, Terminal 2,  Terminal 3, Terminal 4.   

In addition, it has runways with a length of 3,750 meters and allows aircraft (Airplanes) to land and take off.

Domestic and International: Istanbul Airport includes two separate terminals, the domestic and international terminals.

The International Terminal is used for International Flights, while the Domestic terminal serves domestic flights.

Business and Shopping: Istanbul Airport has many restaurants, cafes, shopping stores, duty-free shops, lounge areas and other services.   

A wide range is offered for passengers to make their waiting time enjoyable.

Airline Companies: Istanbul Airport is used by many National and International Airline companies.

The airport is the hub and main hub of many national and international airlines, such as Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines (THY) is also headquartered at the Airport.

Istanbul Airport has become the center of Turkey's Air transportation and has made Istanbul an important airline hub worldwide.

This large Airport offers passengers modern facilities, extensive domestic and international connections, and a variety of services.

Istanbul Airport offers modern facilities and services.

Shopping, dining, recreation and entertainment facilities are available for passengers.

This major Airport is an important infrastructure project that grows and develops Turkey's Air transport sector.

  • Karaburun Beach

Karaburun Beach is a beautiful neighborhood located on the Black Sea coast of Arnavutköy.

Delightful places to visit and activities to do on Karaburun Coast are as follows.

Karaburun Beach, Karaburun is a coastal area famous for its beautiful and scenic beaches.

It is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, sunbathe or do sea sports.

The fishermen's shelters in Karaburun are famous for their colorful boats and fish restaurants lining the coast.

It is a great place to try seafood dishes.

There are walking and cycling paths on the Karaburun coast.

By using these roads, you can enjoy beautiful views along the coast.

There are green areas where you can have a picnic on the Karaburun beach.

You can spend a pleasant day with family and friends.

This historical Karaburun Lighthouse, which is the symbol of Karaburun, is a structure worth seeing.  

The scenery near the lantern is also ideal for taking great photos.

You can do sea activities such as sailing, canoeing and pedalo on the Karaburun beach.

There are also suitable areas for diving.

Fishermen's Markets: You can find fresh seafood and local products in the local markets set up on weekends in Karaburun.

You can spend a nice day visiting such places on the coast of Karaburun.

You can enjoy unforgettable landscapes, fresh seafood and nature.

However, if you are thinking of traveling, don't forget to check the current weather conditions and travel guides.

From Arnavutköy, you can easily reach Istanbul Airport (IST) and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) on time.

Transportation Options: You can easily reach Istanbul Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) by using public transportation options, Municipal Buses, Metro and Tram.

Before using these lines, you should check and select the appropriate timetables for your trip on the website.

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