Places to visit in Beylikduzu

Places to visit in Beylikduzu

  • Beylikduzu

It is assumed that the Hellenes were the first to settle in Beylikduzu in the 7th century BC.

Beylikduzu, one of the distinguished towns of Buyukcekmece, which came under the rule of the Byzantine Empire in the 2nd century BC, was connected to the Ottoman Empire after the conquest of Istanbul.

Beylikduzu, which is a summer and agricultural region, was the accommodation of the armies during the Byzantine Empire and Ottoman periods, so there were not many settlements in the region. 

The old name of Beylikduzu is "Gardan", which means garden.

Although the region has hosted different civilizations at different times in history, when we look at the recent history, the traces of the Greeks are seen in Beylikduzu, especially in 1924.

The Greeks living in the region entered into a population exchange with the Turks living in Greece after the War of Independence.

Turks who came to the region because of the exchange began to settle.

The Turks who settled in the region were generally engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing activities.

Upon the departure of most of the Greeks, a new name was given to the region, and the village  was named "KAVAKLI" due to the abundance of poplar trees that kept up with the natural climate of the town.

Within the scope of the administrative organization of the Republic of Turkey, which was established in 1924, Catalca became a province.

It consists of the provinces of Catalca, Silivri and Buyukcekmece.

Buyukcekmece district of Catalca does not have a township and has 19 villages.

Anarsa "Gurpinar", "Gardan Kavakli", Tirakatya "Yakuplu" and Karvan, which make up today's Beylikduzu District, are among these villages.

On June 26, 1926,Catalca District was made.

Buyukcekmece, which was a township of Catalca District until 1958, became a municipality on February 19, 1958.

With the decision published in the Official Gazette dated July 4, 1987 and numbered 19507, it became Buyukcekmece District.

The towns of Kavakli, Gurpinar and Yakuplu, which make up today's Beylikduzu district,  have become the villages of this district.

With the decision published in the Official Gazette dated December 31, 1987 and numbered 19681, Gurpinar became a Municipality.

With the decision published in the Official Gazette No. 21775 dated December 1, 1993, Kavakli and Yakuplu became municipalities.

The name of Kavakli Municipality was changed to Beylikduzu Municipality with the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 10.12.2002 / 2002/4962.

The reason why the name "Kavakli" was changed to "Beylikduzu" is that Beylikduzu was a flat area where the Ottoman Beys hunted and rested during the Ottoman period, so the name Beylikduzu, which evokes both the Ottoman Beys and the geographical structure of the region, was given by the rulers of the period.

With the decision published in the Official Gazette dated March 22, 2008 and numbered 26824, Beylikduzu became a district, Yakuplu and Gurpinar Municipalities were abolished and joined Beylikduzu Municipality and became Beylikduzu District.

Places to visit and activities we can do in Beylikduzu


  • Beach of the Brain

The beaches on the Beylikduzu coast are a popular spot to enjoy the sea and sun during the summer months.

It is possible to sunbathe, swim and do water sports on the beaches along the coast.

You can take nature walks on these hiking and cycling trails along the coast, and watch the scenery by cycling.

It is also ideal for cafes and restaurants and relaxation located on the 14 km long coastline.


  • Kavakli Beach

Beylikduzu Kavakli Beach Park is a recreation and entertainment venue that offers a variety of activities.

You can spend a pleasant day with your family and friends in the park.

There are special paths for those who want to walk and jog.

There are also picnic tables and a relaxing atmosphere for those who want to have a picnic.

There is a special bicycle track for those who want to pedal on the bike path.

For those who like to do sports, there is an area equipped with sports equipment.

You can maintain your form by exercising in this area.

Special table areas are offered for picnic lovers, and playgrounds are arranged for children.

For sports enthusiasts, you can play enjoyable matches on the volleyball courts in the park.

There is a beach area for those who like to swim in the sea, and you can find the opportunity to participate in various sea activities.

Beylikduzu Kavakli Beach Park offers an ideal place for anyone who wants to spend a pleasant day in touch with nature.

This park offers unforgettable moments to visitors with its activities that appeal to different tastes.


  • West İstanbul Marina

Located in Marina Beylikduzu, the marina is a pleasant place for sailing and yachting enthusiasts.

You can rent a yacht or enjoy the sea view at the marina.

The marina offers a café, restaurant, bar, shopping center, fitness area, swimming pool, spa salon, tennis court and various activities in the marina.


Beylikduzu is also famous for its shopping malls and bazaars.

Beylikduzu Migros Shopping Mall and Marmara Park Shopping Mall (AVM) Perla Vista Shopping Mall, Beylicium Shopping Center, Istanbul Outlet Park, White Corner Shopping Mall, Darty Beylikduzu, Koçtaş Beylikduzu, Beylik Pazarı, Stars Shopping Mall and Atrium Bazaar Large shopping malls offer attractive options for shopaholics.

There are various restaurants and cafes in Beylikduzu.

There are venues that offer both traditional Turkish cuisine and international cuisine.

Entertainment Centers: There are many places for entertainment and social activities in Beylikduzu.

Options such as movie theaters, concerts, theater performances, and nightclubs are available.

Social Events: Beylikduzu Municipality organizes outdoor events and festivals during the summer months.

At these events, you can participate in music, art, sports, and other activities.

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