Places to Visit in Catalca

Places to Visit in Catalca


  • Catalca

Catalca has a very rich history and contains important events from various periods.

History of Catalca:

2500 BC: Catalca is known as a region with settlements dating back to this period.

Different civilizations, such as the Thracians, have left traces in this region.

Roman Period: In 450 BC, a Roman settlement was established in the Catalca region, but this settlement was destroyed and rebuilt over time.

Byzantine Period: Catalca was an important settlement during the Byzantine Empire, and walls were built especially for the defense of Istanbul.

The walls of Anastasios were also built during this period.

Ottoman Period: Catalca, which joined the Ottoman Empire in 1373, had a strategic importance, especially in the period before Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul.

The aqueducts that meet the water needs of Istanbul were built during this period.

Tanzimat and Balkan Wars Period: In 1865, Catalca was turned into a provincial center and became an important settlement.

During the Balkan Wars, the advance of the Russian armies and the great wave of migration affected Catalca and its villages.

Republican Period: With the proclamation of the Republic, Catalca entered a calm and peaceful period, as a result of the population exchange, the Greeks migrated to Greece and the Turks settled in Catalca.

Catalca once again showed its strategic importance during the World War II period.

The history of Catalca has been under the influence of many civilizations, has witnessed important events due to its strategic importance and has developed in different periods.

District establishment: Catalca, in 1865, in the provincial arrangements made after the Tanzimat, the district was connected to the Parliament-i Idare-i Liva-ı Zabtiyye, and in 1924 it was made the provincial center by the order of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

With the law of June 26, 1926, the district officially became a district again.


Places to Visit in Catalca


  • Anastasios Walls

The Anastasios Walls are a large and impressive system of fortifications located in Catalca.

These walls were built by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasios I in the 5th century AD.

The Anastasios Walls extend to the west of Istanbul in the district of Catalca and continue from Evcik Pier to Ant nose in the west of the district of Silivri.

The Anastasios Walls were built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasios I, in the 5th century AD, to defend Istanbul.

These walls were built to strengthen the defense of Istanbul, especially against invaders from the Balkans.

The Anastasios Walls have a length of about 45 kilometers and are considered the second largest walls in the world after the Great Wall of China.

Parts of these fortifications are still standing and are visited by tourists and history buffs due to their historical significance.

These fortifications played an important role as part of the Byzantine Empire's strategy to defend Istanbul.

Those who want to see these historical walls in Catalca can explore these important structures during their visit to the district.


  • Kalfakoy and Kalfakoy Mosque

Kalfakoy Mosque, is a historical mosque located in the district of Catalca.

The mosque was built during the Ottoman Empire and belongs to the reign of Bayezid II.

The mosque is located in the settlement called Kalfakoy and is one of the historical monuments in the region.

Kalfakoy Mosque is a building that reflects the architectural features of the Ottoman period.

It draws attention with its traditional Ottoman architecture and decorations.

Its wooden pulpit and mihrab reflect the architectural style of the period.

Kalfakoy Mosque, which is a historically and culturally important structure, offers an interesting historical and architectural experience for visitors.

By visiting the Mosque, you can take a closer look at the enormous heritage of the Ottoman Empire and the history of this region. 

This mosque can be an important stop for those who want to explore the historical and cultural riches in Catalca.


  • İncegiz Caves

İncegiz Caves, are known as a cave complex with natural beauty located near the İncegiz Village of Catalca.

These caves are interesting and worth visiting, both historically and naturally.

The important features of İncegiz Caves are as follows:

Historical Importance: İncegiz Caves is a settlement that has been used since historical times.

According to the research conducted in the caves, these places date back to B.C. It is thought to date back to 2000.

The interior of the caves is covered with natural formations and minerals, which offers visitors an enormous visual feast.

Hiking and Exploring: Incigiz Caves offer a great exploration opportunity for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

You can take a walk inside the cave and enjoy this unique environment.

Photography: The natural light and formations inside the caves can be a great subject for photographers.

It offers tremendous photo opportunities.

Guided Tours: It organizes guided tours for those who want to visit the caves with the privilege of air transfer lines.

Exploring caves with a guide can help you learn more about their history and natural information.

İncegiz Caves is a special place that brings together natural beauty and historical importance in Catalca district.

By visiting these caves, you can discover the beauties of nature and historical riches.

Hiking and Biking Trail: Catalca offers hiking and cycling trails as it is a region surrounded by natural beauty.

You can use these trails to enjoy nature.

Agriculture and Organic Products: Catalca is also famous in the field of agriculture.

You can buy organic products in local markets, collect products at harvest times, buy the products you collect and try local delicacies.

Forest and Picnic Areas: Catalca's wooded areas are ideal for picnic king and enjoying nature.

There are many picnic areas and woodlands.

  • Special off-road Tracks

Special off-road Tracks, Catalca can be a great destination for off-road enthusiasts.

Forest roads, mountainous areas, and rural areas around the district offer unique experiences to off-road lovers.

Some areas and suggestions where you can go off-road in Catalca

Forest Roads: Catalca and the surrounding forest roads are ideal for off-roading.

These roads include many routes that are surrounded by natural beauty and suitable for exploration by off-road vehicles.


  • Terkos Lake - Ponds and Off road

Terkos Lake and various ponds in Catalca are great destinations for off-road lovers.

You can drive with your vehicles in these regions and enjoy the exceptional beauty of nature.

Catalca Off-Road Track: There are some off-road trails in Catalca and its immediate surroundings.

These trails offer you challenging routes to test your off-road abilities.

Local Clubs and Activities: If you want to go off-road in Catalca, joining local off-road clubs or events may be a good option.

These clubs can help you meet experienced off-road lovers and explore new routes.

Warning!: Before going off-roading, you should take the necessary precautions for your safety and follow local regulations.

You should also be respectful of nature and not drive your off-road vehicle outside of the permitted zones.

Do not forget that Catalca is a suitable place to explore its natural beauties and go off-roading.


Catalca has many villages to visit and see, let's take a look at a few of them together.


  • Ormanli Village

Ormanli Village draws attention with its natural beauties, historical and cultural riches.

Ormanli Village is about 15-20 kilometers from the center of Catalca.

Natural Beauties: Ormanli Village is surrounded by forests and has a green nature.

Woodlands, Hiking and Ideal for picnics.

Historical Monuments: There are some artifacts of historical and cultural importance in the village.

Village mosques and other historical buildings are among these works.


  • Ormanli Village Pond

There is a Ormanli Pond near Ormanli Village.

This pond offers beautiful views and is a popular spot for picnics.

Traditional Life: Ormanli Village is a traditional Turkish village.

The people living here maintain the traditional way of life and preserve the characteristics of village life.

Olives and Agricultural Products: The village is known for the cultivation of olives and agricultural products.

In local markets, you can find olives and other products produced by the village, harvest olives, taste or buy the products you have collected.

Ormanli Village is a good option for those who want to have a quiet getaway with its natural beauties, historical texture and traditional village life.


  • Kestanelik Village

Chestnut Village, a village inhabited by Greeks and Turks before the population exchange.

The village, which was formerly called "Kestana", was  changed to "Chestnut" after the Exchange.

Chestnut Village is known for its tranquil lifestyle, traditional Turkish village atmosphere, and natural riches in its surroundings.

You can observe the historical texture and traditional lifestyle of the village.

The village is located close to Terkos Lake.

It is a nice place for those who want to take a walk around the lake, have a picnic and enjoy nature.

Nature Walks: Kestanelik Village and its surroundings offer a suitable environment for nature walks and trekking.

Woodlands and mountainous terrains offer nature lovers great opportunities for exploration.


  • Kefken Forests

Kefken Forests, located near Kestanelik village, are known for their natural beauty.

You can walk and explore nature in Kefken Forests.

Historical mosques in the Catalca region can be interesting from a historical and architectural point of view.

You can visit the mosques in the village or nearby.

Chestnut Village is a good option for those who want to get away from the crowds of Istanbul and have a getaway in touch with nature.

With its natural beauty and historical riches, this village is a great place for exploration.


  • Cilingoz Nature Park Cilingoz Sahili Beach

Cilingoz Nature Park Cilingoz Sahili Beach, Beach and Sea Cilingoz Sahili Beach is famous for its clean and beautiful sea water.   

In summer, it is a popular place to cool off and enjoy the sea.

It is also possible to sunbathe on the beach and play games on the sand.

Nature Walks: Cilingoz Nature Park offers many paths and forest paths suitable for nature walks. It is a great exploration area for nature lovers.

Bird Watching: Cilingoz represents a rich area for bird watchers.

Thanks to the diversity of bird species, here is a great opportunity to watch birds.

Picnics and Outdoor Activities: The park has picnic tables and barbecue areas, so it's ideal for families and groups of friends.

Scenery: Cilingoz Sahili Beach Nature Park have impressive sea views.

Sunset and sunrise views can be enjoyable to watch.

Conservation Area: Cilingoz Nature Park is an environmental and nature conservation area.

It is important for visitors to be respectful of wildlife and protect the environment when visiting the park.

Cilingoz Nature Park and Cilingoz Beach are a great destination for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Istanbul and have a pleasant getaway by the sea.

It offers a beautiful experience with swimming, nature walks, bird watching and outdoor activities.


  • Catalca Subası Natural Monument

Catalca Subası Natural Monument, Historical Sycamore Trees, This area is home to ancient plane trees, which are especially famous for their magnificent appearance.

These trees have been found in this region for centuries and are preserved as a natural and historical heritage.

Natural Beauties: Monument Sycamores is an area surrounded by natural beauty.

Woodlands, green valleys, and open lands make up the natural attraction of this area.

Nature Walks: Anıt Çınarlar has an ideal environment for nature walks.

Here you can take a walk in the shade of old plane trees while exploring nature.

Bird Watching: The area is an important spot for bird watchers.

Thanks to the diversity of bird species, it can be enjoyable to observe the natural life here.


  • Dagyenice Alaiye Martyrdom

It is a ‘’historical martyrs’’ cemetery located near Dagyenice Village.

Martyrdom, 1. It was built in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the conflicts during the Balkan War.

More information about Dagyenice Alaiye Martyrdom

Historical Significance: Dagyenice Alaiye Martyrdom, 1.  It is an area where 657 soldiers belonging to the Alaiye Battalion of Ottoman soldiers were martyred during the Balkan War.

Therefore, it has a historical importance.

Monuments and Monuments: There are monuments and monuments built in memory of the martyrs on the martyrdom area.

These structures were created to keep the memory of the martyrs alive.

Ceremonies and Commemoration Days: The Dagyenice Alaiye Martyrdom is used as a center for ceremonies and commemoration days held every year.

At these events, the martyrs are commemorated with respect and gratitude.

Open to Visitors: The cemetery area is open to visitors.


  • Horse farms and stud farms

There are many horse farms and studs in Catalca.

Horse Farms and Studs: These are popular destinations for those who want to spend time in the middle of horse breeding, equestrian sports and nature.

Catalca Horse Farm, which is one of the famous horse farms in the region in the Catalca region, specializes in horse breeding and training.

Here you can study equestrian sports and horse riding.

Equestrian Sports: Equestrian sports in Catalca are an important activity, especially for those who are interested in traditional Turkish sports such as horse racing and Javelin.

Equestrian sporting events and tournaments are held here.

Nature Walks: It is surrounded by horse farms and studs, nature walks and natural beauty.

You can enjoy nature by taking a walk in these areas.

Horse farms and studs in Catalca are  a great option for those who are interested in equestrian sports and want to spend time in nature.   

Here you can do equestrian sports, take horse riding training and enjoy nature.


  • Istanbul Hezarfen Airport

Built on 500 acres of land in Catalca, Istanbul Hezarfen Airport is focused on general aviation flights by hosting the training of amateur and professional pilots with a 535 m long and 18 m wide asphalt runway.

The Airport also has a 120 m long model airplane and model helipad, as well as a motocross track.

Many activities also take place at the Airport , such as the annual Rock'n Coke event.

Istanbul Hezarfen Airport started its operations in 1992 as Turkey's first internationally registered private Airport and started to serve in accordance with ICAO and ECAC standards.

However, it was restructured with the "SHY 14. A" rules that came into force in 2002 and was licensed as a private airport on 24.01.2009.

There are private flight schools within the Airport, and amateur and professional flight trainings are provided.

For athletes, families and children, there are many hobby areas such as a bicycle riding track, playground, model car track.

Istanbul Hezarfen Airport, which is an indispensable area for visitors to spend a pleasant day, do sports or hobby enthusiasts, draws attention with its wide range of facilities.

From Catalca, you can easily reach Istanbul Airport (IST) and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) on time.

Transportation Options: You can easily reach Istanbul Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) by using public transportation options, Municipal Buses, Metro and Tram.

Before using these lines, you should check and select the appropriate timetables for your trip on the website.

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