Places to Visit in Tuzla

Places to Visit in Tuzla


  • Tuzla

We can say that Tuzla has a rich and diverse historical past.

We can further expand on this richness by focusing on important periods and events in Tuzla's history:

Neolithic Period and Thracian Migrations 1200 BC: The traces of Tuzla's settlement date back to the Neolithic Period, indicating that the region has a history dating back thousands of years.

Thracian migrations caused communities from the Balkans to pass to Anatolia, which shows the early cultural interaction of Tuzla.

Roman Empire Period: With the cession of Bithynia to Rome, Tuzla and its surroundings became a part of the Roman lands.  

During this period, development activities, transportation and trade were revived in the region, which shows that Tuzla is in a strategic position.

Ottoman Empire Period: Tuzla met a significant part of Istanbul's salt needs during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

The recording of the number of people engaged in the salt trade in the village of Tuzla emphasizes the economic importance of the region.

1923 Turkey-Greece Population Exchange: During this period, there were significant settlement and community changes in Tuzla.

This shows how the demographic structure of the region is affected.

Istanbul-Baghdad Railway and Archaeological Discovery 1908: The discovery of remains from the Neolithic Period during the construction of the Istanbul - Baghdad Railway is an important discovery of prehistoric traces in the region.

Tuzla's history reflects a rich and diverse past in terms of archaeological finds, geographical features, and cultural diversity.

This type of information is important for understanding the cultural heritage of the region and appreciating its value.


Places to Visit in Tuzla


  • Davut Aga Fountain

Davut Aga Fountain, Sultan 1. It is located next to the Ahmet Mosque in a location with a tremendous historical value.

The inscription of the fountain reads, "Sahib-ul Hayrat Davut Agha Gani Bab-u Sde; 1079" and the "ve sakahum rabbuhum saraben tahura" section of verse 21 of Surah al-İnsan reveal that this special fountain was carefully built by Davut Agha in 1668.

In the following years, the fountain was repaired by Saadet Hanim, the wife of the late Cezzar Mustafa Bey. 1326", it was also maintained in 1908.

Although the arrangements around the fountain, which was built using high-quality chipped stone material, caused some parts to remain under the ground over time, this historical structure still stands.

The impressive dimensions of the fountain, its height of 2.38 m, its width of 3.37 m and its depth of 1.6 m are among its architectural highlights.

This historical fountain stands even today, bearing the traces of the past and continuing to defy time.


  • Tuzla Beach

Tuzla Beach, one of the favorite coastlines of Istanbul, stands out with its unique beauties.

The turquoise sea and the calm atmosphere of the coast offer visitors the embracing beauties of nature.

It offers an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sea views and take in the walks in the sea air, pedal on the bike trail or sit on the benches by the beach.

With its various cafes and restaurants, Tuzla Beach offers its visitors the opportunity to try seafood and local delicacies, providing a gastronomic experience.  

The fact that the beach is clean and tidy increases the reason why it is preferred especially  for families and groups of friends.

This unique beach stands out as an ideal escape point for those looking for peace by escaping from the busy city pace of Istanbul.

The peaceful atmosphere of nature and the sea awaits those who want to explore Tuzla Beach.


  • Kamil Abdush Lake

Kamil Abdush Lake has become one of the rich social activity venues of Istanbul and Tuzla as a project implemented with the joint work of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Tuzla Municipality.

The lake has been a preferred meeting point, especially for families and groups of friends living in Tuzla.

While the walking paths around the lake offer visitors an experience intertwined with nature, the picnic areas provide an ideal environment for those who want to have pleasant moments.

In addition, there is the opportunity to spend time in the facilities located by the lake.

These facilities provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the lake and engage in social interaction.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Lake Kamil Abdush offers a peaceful atmosphere, providing a pleasant getaway for residents of Tuzla and visitors from other parts of Istanbul.


  • Planetarium Observatory

The Planetarium Observatory is a center located in the Waterfall Education Park, offering the opportunity to observe the lights coming to Earth from the depths of space more closely

The telescope with a diameter of 14" 35 cm within the center offers the opportunity to observe various structures of  the Sun during the day and many celestial objects you have not seen before at night, accompanied by professional astronomers.

The Planetarium Observatory offers specially designed planetarium systems equipped with science-themed films.

These films help children develop basic knowledge of astronomy while also providing students with an educational experience by supporting the educational programs of schools.

The facility provides   appointments for student groups and group visits, allowing schools and other educational institutions to provide students with an interactive learning experience in space and astronomy subjects.

The Planetarium Observatory offers a pleasant and instructive atmosphere for education, science and astronomy enthusiasts, providing a unique experience for visitors who want to discover the secrets of space.


  • Tuzla Bay

Tuzla Bay is a very popular anchorage among sailors in the Gulf of Gökova.

This bay stands out for its geographical features that offer natural protection.

In this region, where the sea surface is shallow up to 50 meters, it can be observed that different underground water sources pass underwater.

Beyond being a preferred spot for sailing lovers, the bay is also known as a place where boats can rest and relax.

With its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Tuzla Bay is a destination worth exploring for sailing enthusiasts.


  • Tuzla Municipality Public Beach

Tuzla Municipality Public Beach opened its doors to visitors in 2017 and offers free swimming.

The cleanliness and order of the beach are among the eye-catching features.

There are also facilities where visitors can meet basic needs such as showers, changing cabins, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas for their comfort.

Public beaches serve as one of the beauties of the local community, while also becoming a popular meeting point for families, locals, and visitors.

The beach of Tuzla Municipality aims to offer a pleasant sea experience to locals and those coming from outside the city.


  • Tuzla Municipality Waterfall Education Park

Tuzla Municipality Waterfall Education Park opened its doors in 2014, becoming one of the most functional and fascinating parks in Turkey.

This enormous area offers a unique experience to visitors by bringing together different and exciting features such as  Space Observatory, Polar Science House, Swimming Pools, Solar Power Plant, Amphitheater, Karting.

The park, which hosts millions of guests throughout the year, is also a social meeting point by hosting 30 Fellow Citizens Associations.

The waterfall, which is one of the most popular spots of the park, fascinates its visitors not only with its appearance but also with its peaceful sound.

Pleasant walks around the waterfall accompany relaxing sittings, and picnics held here collect unforgettable memories.

Tuzla Municipality Waterfall Education Park offers an atmosphere intertwined with the beauties of nature, providing visitors with an unforgettable escape.


  • Aslan Park Tuzla

In 2018, Aslan Park Tuzla opened the doors of a world that fascinates nature lovers and started to host 30 different predatory cat species in a large area of 8 acres.

This unique park is not   limited to favorite big cats such as Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar, but also stands out with a focus on the conservation of rare and endangered species.

The park contributes to conservation efforts by hosting 6 representatives of the White Lion, a special species with only 134 individuals left worldwide.

Aslan Park goes beyond being just a predatory cat park and is positioned as an ex-situ conservation "expatriate protection" center.

In this special area, a warm home atmosphere has been created where predatory cats have the opportunity to reproduce and continue their generations in shelters suitable for natural living conditions.

The park has become the only address full of predatory cats in Turkey and the surrounding geography by hosting special species such as Anatolian Lynx, Serval and Caracal, which are endemic species of Anatolia.

This privileged park offers visitors an opportunity to not only see animals but also to be brimming with the awareness of nature conservation.

Aslan Park's  expert team of veterinarians, technicians and caretakers works devotedly 24/7 for the health  and peace of living things.  

By contributing to the development of environmental protection awareness, especially in children, the park sheds light on the unknown worlds of endemic species and predatory cats that are declining in nature.

Aslan Park, which gives visitors unforgettable moments, promises an experience full of excitement and fun by offering the opportunity to spend time in the same environment with baby lions under the supervision  of a caretaker and veterinarian.

This park attracts those who want to feel the magic of nature and wildlife up close.


  • Tuzla Viaport Marina Shopping Center

Viaport Marina, which opened its doors in May 2015, stands out as the world's first and only 5-function marina project by offering an experience beyond the ordinary.

Bringing together different functions such as theme parks, aquariums, shopping malls, marinas and entertainment centers, Viaport Marina adds a unique dimension to the shopping experience by hosting single-storey, open-top and sea-view stores built on the sea with an area of 600 thousand square meters.  

Viaport Marina Shopping offers a fascinating atmosphere with its enormous single-storey architecture and breathtaking sea air not found in other shopping malls.

A rich mix of brands and exclusive dining options are designed to provide visitors with a shopping experience like no other.

ViaSea Theme Park stands out with Red Fire, the 5th largest roller coaster in Europe, hosting 28 different units.

This theme park, which attracts the attention of everyone from 7 to 70, invites those who want to experience unexperienced excitement to a magnificent entertainment world.

Via Entertainment, on the other hand, is an entertainment center that offers a cinema, bowling and a game hall under one roof.

This center, which attracts the attention of everyone from bowling enthusiasts to moviegoers, was brought to life right after the ViaSea Theme Park.

ViaSea Aquarium, which has the longest underwater tunnel of Viaport Marina, brings together 12 thousand sea creatures with its enthusiasts.

ViaSea Aquarium, the world’s first climate-themed aquarium, awaits those who want to explore the fascinating world of underwater by combining education and entertainment.

In addition to shopping, entertainment and activity opportunities are also available at Viaport Marina.

A wide range of entertainment is offered to visitors with various entertainment options such as movie theaters, playgrounds, bowling alleys, and outdoor events and concerts, especially in the summer months.

Marian Aquapark, on the other hand, guarantees entertainment suitable for visitors of all ages with 17 different water slides.

Viaport Marina is the perfect meeting point for shopping and entertainment.


  • Holographic Zoo

The Holographic Zoo was brought to life by Tuzla Municipality in Tuzla Municipality Waterfall Education Park, inspired by Noah's Ark.

This unique project presents more than 50 extinct and living animals to visitors with their exact dimensions with the ‘’Free Format Hologram System'’, one of the most popular technologies in the world.

Noah's Ark Holozoo is designed to ensure that our children do not stay away from their natural habitats, and to provide the opportunity to learn about animals even if not everyone can go to the zoo.

While this special zoo offers the opportunity to experience real animals vividly with hologram technology, it also offers a different atmosphere to visitors with its training camp and natural life and recreation areas.

This project, which is Turkey's first 'Holographic Zoo', attracts attention not only locally, but also nationally and internationally.

Noah's Ark Holozoo, which aims to provide visitors with a fun and educational experience in an environment that emphasizes the importance of natural life, stands out as a pioneering initiative that brings technology together with nature.

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