Places to Visit in Basaksehir

Places to Visit in Basaksehir


  • Basaksehir

Basaksehir is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul

The history of Basaksehir dates back to ancient times.

Some important information about the history of Basaksehir:

Roman Period: Basaksehir was known as "Aquarius" in the ancient Roman period.

It is known that the Roman Empire settled in this region and carried out agricultural activities.

Byzantine Period: Following the fall of the Roman Empire, this region came under the control of the Byzantine Empire.

It was ruled by the Byzantines during this period until the conquest of Istanbul.

Ottoman Empire: With the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottoman Empire in 1453, Basaksehir and its surroundings were annexed to the Ottoman lands.

During this period, the area was used for agricultural and livestock activities.

Republican Period: At the beginning of the 20th century, urbanization increased rapidly in various parts of Istanbul as part of Turkey's modernization process.

District Establishment: Basaksehir was officially established in 2008 as one of the districts of Istanbul.

Basaksehir also experienced urban transformation during this period and kept up with the growth rate of Istanbul.

Basaksehir is largely based on the urban developments that have taken place in recent years.

The district draws attention especially with the projects of TOKI (Mass Housing Administration) and structures such as large shopping malls.

Expo 2020: Basaksehir is scheduled to host the Expo 2020 event held in Dubai in 2020.

This event contributed to the promotion of the district in the international arena.

A part of the district has been restructured as part of the "Basaksehir City Park", a major urban renewal project in Turkey.

Mega Projects: Istanbul's 3. Major projects such as the Airport Istanbul Airport (IST) and the Northern Marmara Motorway have made significant contributions to the development of the Basaksehir district. The district is the center of such projects. 

This project has brought modern residences, shopping centers and various social amenities to the district.


  • Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Istanbul Olympic Stadium: The Istanbul Olympic Stadium is located in Basaksehir.  

The construction of this stadium began in 2005 and was completed in 2008. In addition to UEFA organizations, it has hosted many important sports events.

It was built in 2005 during the candidacy application for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Basaksehir is home to important venues such as Fatih Terim Stadium and Ataturk Olympic Stadium, where the Turkish Airlines General Directorate is located.

Medipol Basaksehir FK, one of the Super Lig football teams, took its name from Basaksehir and hosted it.

Cultural and Social Areas: There are no historical monuments or ancient buildings in Basaksehir.

However, the district has many parks, shopping centers and sports facilities to meet the recreation and entertainment needs of the youth and their families, let's take a look at what kind of activities and places to visit in Basaksehir together.


  • Mall Of Istanbul

Mall Of Istanbul: It is a large (AVM) shopping mall located in Basaksehir.

Shopping: The Mall of Istanbul has a large shopping area where you can find clothing, shoes, electronics, household items, and more in a variety of stores.

Many famous brands and stores are located here.

Food & Drink: If you want to eat after shopping, there are a variety of restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains in the Mall of Istanbul.

It offers a wide range from Turkish cuisine to world cuisine.

Entertainment: The Mall of Istanbul offers fun activities for children and adults.

These activities include cinemas, playgrounds, bowling alleys, and more.

Events: The Mall of Istanbul hosts various events such as concerts, events, exhibitions, and festivals in different periods.

Therefore, you may encounter interesting things during your visit.


  • Water Valley

Water Valley: It was established on an area of 550,000 m2 as a valley covered with green areas and trees.

Here you can take a walk on 20,000 m2 of soft ground, have a picnic or spend time alone with nature.

Creek and Pond: There is a stream and pond in the valley.

These waters offer shade and coolness, so they are ideal for relaxing on hot weather days.

Activities: There are also opportunities to play sports and do outdoor activities in the Water Valley.

Options such as hiking trails and bike paths are available.

Events: In some periods, especially in the summer months, various events and concerts are held in the Valley of Waters.

Restaurants and Cafes: Restaurants and cafes located in the valley offer visitors food and beverage options.

The Valley of the Water is a beautiful getaway for those who want to escape the complex city life of Istanbul and get in touch with nature.

Here you can spend time in a peaceful environment and get away from the noise of the city.


  • Basaksehir Botanical Park

Basaksehir Botanical Park, You can see many plant species in this park.

You can enjoy nature and take pictures.

Basaksehir Children's and Family Museum: This museum, which offers interactive exhibitions for families and children, can be an interesting place to visit.

Basaksehir Ataturk House and Museum: Ataturk's house in Basaksehir contains important information about his life.

It can be an interesting visit for those who are interested in history.


  • Basaksehir Urban Forest (Basaksehir Forest Park)

Basaksehir Urban Forest (Basaksehir Forest Park): The Urban Forest is covered with green areas, trees and vegetation.

Therefore, it offers the opportunity to be in touch with nature.

Visitors can walk, run, picnic and relax here.

Walking Paths and Cycling Paths:  There are certain hiking trails and cycling paths for those who want to hike in the Urban Forest.

These paths are ideal for those who want to play sports and explore nature.

Ponds: There are ponds in the Urban Forest.

Waterfowl can be observed in these ponds and you can enjoy the view.

Children's Playgrounds: There are facilities for families such as children's playgrounds and picnic tables.

It is a place where families and children can have a pleasant time.

Restaurants and Cafes: There are restaurants and cafes in the Urban Forest where you can consume food and drink.

Events: During some periods, outdoor activities, concerts, nature trips and picnic events are organized in the Urban Forest.

Basaksehir Urban Forest is a nice getaway for those who want to be in touch with nature in Istanbul.

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